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Balance Your Health



Weight loss through moderation

At Fitness Balanced we believe that true fitness is a lifestyle and that health comes from living in moderation. Being a women's only fitness studio in Wakefield we aim to provide a community of support and encouragement in a nonjudgmental environment. We seek to earn your trust through understanding and through working with you to demonstrate that lasting results come from a life of balance and consistency, not extremes. We want you to love the time you spend here and to enjoy your workouts because they bring a sense of fulfillment. Our goal is to help you find your "fit passion" and we will be here with you every step of the way.

  • Weight Training

    Tuesday, Saturday

    Duration Varies

  • Cardio

    Mon, Wed, Fri

    30 min

  • Suspension Training


    45 min

  • Wednesday

    30 min


After 6 months it’s about time I give my incredible fitness studio a shout out! Fitness Balanced has become a second home to me. Every woman in this studio is supportive and positive! We all have a common goal to live happier lives. They teach you the importance of consistency. Thank you so much to all of my Fitness Balanced trainers for continuing to push me each and every week!

Brittany M.


607 North Ave Door #18
Wakefield MA 01880

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