Women's Only Fitness Studio, Wakefield MA

Personal Training

Grab your best friend to join you in your journey to better health. Personal trainers can program a workout for two women, even if their skill levels are different. Get the camaraderie you feel in small group training, but receive that one-on-one attention of a personal trainer. Mother-daughter teams are welcome, too!

Whatever your goal may be, whether it's to feel better about yourself or to fit more comfortably into your favorite pair of jeans, personal training can help you achieve it. We believe in teaching our clients how to lift properly and to realize all the strength we already have as women.

Meet with a trainer for a 30-minute consultation to assess what your goals are and to create a plan. All sessions are 60 minutes and held within our weight training area of the studio. Depending on your availability, please be aware that a group class may be going on during your personal training session.

Online Personal Training

We understand how busy women can be and that making it into the studio for a one-on-one session may not be possible every week. We offer monthly online training programs with one in-person session. If you travel for business or have a small home gym we can design a program to progress you along with the equipment you have. This is a great way to help you maintain your training even with your ever changing schedule.


"After gaining over 50 pounds with my first child, I stepped into the gym with the goal of loosing the final 20 when I started working out with Bre. I think anyone who's been at that spot in their life - trying to 'get back to normal after a baby' can relate - it's a daunting experience! Bre made the experience fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a friendly, motivating, knowledgeable, and awesome personal trainer who will get you the results - Bre is the one! After only a few months I was back in my little black dress feeling good as new! My husband even kept telling me I looked better than before having the baby! "

Hanna K.

Partner Training