Women's Only Fitness Studio, Wakefield MA

POUND is now every Monday at 5:30 am!

Working out with your friends is a great way to keep you motivated! At Fitness Balanced we want to thank you for bringing your friend into our studio to try something new. Bring your friend to try any one of our classes for free. If they sign up for a 10 pack or an unlimited monthly membership you receive your next two classes free! Already an unlimited member? Schedule a complimentary personal training session!

Refer a friend who signs up for personal training and receive 10% off your monthly package.

In this postpartum workshop on June 17th at 3:00 pm we will be working on proper breathing mechanics, posture, core work (safe for women who have diastasis or have had a c section) and finally, how to carry these practices into your workouts. 

This workshop isn’t limited to moms! If you find you have trouble breathing during your exercises or take a big inhale and your shoulders rise into your ears, you can benefit from this workshop just as much as a postpartum woman! Our workshop isn’t just for new moms either. If you suffer from leaking while jumping or still have a weak core, please join us. 

During this workshop I will not be discussing how to drop the baby weight. I will not be diagnosing whether or not you have a diastasis or a weak/tight pelvic floor. My goal is to give you a better awareness of your body and how to safely attend those baby boot camps or exercises classes if you want to. I will give you tools you need to help prevent leaking and prolapse. 

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. I suggest you come in comfortable clothing as we will be going through some exercises, but I prefer for you to be barefoot. Bring your cell phone, I’d love for you to record yourself and make notes on your handout that will be provided on things to look for and work on. I’m sorry, but we do not have babysitting services. I will try to fit this into one hour, but we may run into an hour and a half, so please plan accordingly. Please register
here, $25/person and any cancellations made 24 hours prior are non refundable.


Saturday's new schedule is in full effect! Please check our class schedule for changes.

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The Ultimate Ladies Night Out designed to make you feel fierce, fit and fabulous!! This sexy dance class will tone your abs, booty and legs. You will learn slow and sexy dance moves that build confidence and bring out your inner diva!! Regular workout attire recommended along with your choice of stilettos, tennis shoes or bare feet.

Stilettos?! Yep! Stilettos add a sexy twist, but are not mandatory for this class. We will wrap up with an exotic chair dance finale. Come get your Hot Mommas dance on no matter your age, fitness level or momma status. All ladies are welcome!!

BYOB, cups will be provided.

$15/person please register
here. Cancellations made 24 hours before the event are non refundable. 


During Defend Yourself Against The Aggressor we will learn to become safer in an insecure environment. We will learn the two methods of physical assaults, understand our personal defense weapons and our vulnerable areas. Join us to learn how to recognize imminent danger, gain awareness of personal bubbles, and diversion/distraction techniques as well as mental conditioning. Learn how to confidently take control and find courage! 
In this workshop you will walk away with a knowledge of how to escape from: car trunks, bear holds, arm grabs, carjacking, hair pulls, front and rear choke holds and ground defense. 

Join us May 20th at 3:00 pm cost is $45/person and registration is required, please register
here. Teens are welcomed! Cancellations made 24 hours before the workshop are non-refundable.