TRX Suspension Training - These are body weight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core strength simultaneously. The suspension training straps help even the newest member to exercise gain strength and core stability. Every exercise can be as challenging as the user makes it. Just alter your angle to the anchor to use more or less of your body weight. This 55-minute full body workout will leave you amazed with what you are capable of. TRX classes are limited to 6 participants.

Boston Barre™ - Not your mama's barre workout! Get those legs and derriere you've been looking for. Using the barre and traditional Pilates exercises infused with contemporary leg work, Barre Boston will target the large and small muscles of the legs to build a long lean leg look and a round, tight tush. Unlike some other barre classes, this class was designed by a runner whose regular running mileage consists of 50+ miles per week and found other barre methods to be too easy- our goal is to have you limping up the stairs  after your workout!  If you have done a ballet class, you know that the barre work is VERY challenging- we take that up a few notches, add in some additional leg training tricks and will get you the cutest booty in town.

Booty Build - Want to lift your back end and make it your best asset? This class is for you! 45 minutes of stations that incorporate weights and body weight exercises designed to lift and tighten your booty. 

Top It Off - Improve your confidence and posture with 45 minutes solely focused on your upper body. A fusion of body weight, resistance tubing and free weights work to strength your back, biceps, shoulders and the tricky triceps, while conditioning your chest and core.

Yoga - Whether you want to clear your mind or stretch your tension away, yoga will help you unwind and recharge for your responsibilities to come. All skill levels welcomed.

Boxing - During this hour you'll spend some time on the heavy bag and work on your cardio endurance. Work on punching combinations in timed intervals followed by conditioning work. Get your heart rate going while working out all your frustrations! Boxing gloves and wraps are required.

POUND - This is a fun, functional and streamlined group fitness method that fuses the best strength training, Pilates and cardio moves with drumming. The use of Ripstix, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, challenges the body's stability during each technique and uniquely targets and strengthens the core and deep infrastructural muscles.

Pilates Mat - This class is for those looking for an introduction to Classical Pilates mat exercises or those looking to refine their practice. Pilates is a series of exercises with a specific focus on the muscles of the core and control of the body during these exercises


Women's Only Fitness Studio, Wakefield MA

Class Descriptions