"I have been a satisfied client of Bre's for a little over a year now. Over this time, I have seen a change in my body I never thought possible. After having 2 children, I always assumed my "20's" body no longer existed. But boy was I wrong. Bre has showed me an entire new way to look at fitness. She has kept me motivated throughout the entire process and refused to let me give up on myself. I owe my entire life to her, because as she says, being healthy is the most important thing. I feel more healthy now than I have in years, keeping my blood pressure under control! I wanted to write this testimonial on her page because women out there need to see that they have a knowledgeable trainer, who knows how to push you, but understands your limits. She keeps every session moving, and FUN. We always have the most interesting conversations, and sometimes I just can't stop laughing. I don't just have a trainer in Bre, I have a friend.... thank you for everything Bre."
Sonia L.

"Love love Jenna. Focus is on you. Easy going and fun!  RaeAnn for yoga...AMAZING. So calming and peaceful. Great place!"
Kendra O.

"After 6 months it’s about time I give my incredible fitness studio a shout out! Fitness Balanced has become a second home to me. Every women in this studio is supportive and positive! We all have a common goal to live happier lives. They teach you the importance of consistency. Thank you so much to all of my Fitness Balanced trainers for continuing to push me each and every week!"

Brittany M.

What Clients Say About Our Women's Only Gym in Wakefield

Women's Only Fitness Studio, Wakefield MA

We believe coming to Fitness Balanced should be like stepping into your second home. We also understand it may not feel like that yet if you've never been in before.

Not sure you want to commit for 12 months? Try us out for just two weeks for $25.

Fitness Balanced is a women's only fitness studio that was created with the goal to provide women with a safe, fun and supportive place to move your body. We instill habits that result in long lasting results, not a quick fix.

Women's Only in Wakefield


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"Bre has been instrumental in my motivation to get back on track with my workout routine. Staring at 50 and feeling bad about myself I started training with Bre. Somewhere along the year we had been together it became a partnership between the two of us. My success was her success. A year later I look and feel a heck of a lot better about myself (any could kick anyone's butt if I had to!)."
Debra D.

"The Group X classes at Fitness Balanced are great. Convenient times, good variety, fabulous instructors and supportive atmosphere. The class size is such that you are able to receive individual attention. Instructors are responsibly focused on proper form and technique and ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the class."
Susan A.

"Had my annual check-up with my Oncologist today and he says I'm "exceptionally healthy." He was most pleased with the exercise routine I've settled into, which I love and will help my long term cardiac and pulmonary health in the wake of all the radiation and chemo I had.

You do really big things for people Jenna! So glad I found Fitness Balanced, because I wouldn't have done it on my own!"

Jamie H.


"I belonged to a gym where Jenna was a manager/trainer.  I was originally assigned to a different trainer who I loved, but she left to pursue a different career.  She told me that Jenna would be my new trainer and I was nervous about starting with someone new because I had a great routine/rapport with my original trainer.  Those worries were quickly erased because Jenna was great!  She pushed me when I needed it, knew about some of my physical limitations and worked around them, had the same sense of humor as me and was very knowledgeable about fitness.  When she stepped down as manager of that gym to pursue a different position, she made sure that she covered the training sessions I had scheduled so that I didn't have to train with someone I didn't know.  She is serious about fitness, but doesn't take it too seriously, if that makes any sense.  I am more than thrilled that she is opening her own fitness business, which has been a dream of hers for quite awhile.  If you sign on with her and her fitness/business partner, you will be so glad that you did.  You WILL get results!!!!"
Kim L.

"I was someone who had never taken a group fitness class before joining Fitness Balanced. The truth is, walking through the door for that first class was the hardest part. After almost a year of membership, walking into this gym is one of the best parts of my day.

There's a good variety of classes here. Personally, I love Boxing, Sweat, and any kind of strength training class. The restorative yoga events are bomb and will give you the best night sleep of your life.

The trainers and the other members are just lovely. I am so lucky to have found such an empowering group of women to spend my workout time with."

Amberly S.

 Our members voted us #1 Health Club in Wakefield! Come check out our Women's Only Gym in Wakefield to learn more about our exercise classes. Find out why our clients rated us the best Personal Trainer in Wakefield!


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